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The Gita again and again emphasises that one should cultivate an attitude of non-
attachment or detachment. It urges repeatedly that an individual should live in the
world like water on a lotus leaf. “He who does actions, offering them to Brahman and
abandoning attachment, is not tainted by sin as a lotus leaf by water”

Attachment is due to infatuation. It is the offspring of the quality of Rajas. Detachment
is born of Sattwa. The former is a demoniacal attribute, the latter a divine one.
Attachment is born of ignorance, selfishness and passion and brings with it death;
detachment is wisdom and brings with it freedom. The practice of detachment is a
rigorous discipline. You may stumble like a baby who is just learning to walk, but you
will have to rise up again with a cheerful heart. Failures are not stumbling-blocks but
steppingstones to success.
Try to dwell always in your own Self. Abide in your centr ... Read more »
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Krishna summarizes the Yogas through eighteen chapters. Three yogas in particular
have been emphasized by commenters:
1) Bhakti Yoga or Devotion,
2) Karma Yoga or Selfless Action
3) Jnana Yoga or Self Transcending Knowledge.

1) Bhakti Yoga or Bhakti Marga ( Devanāgarī: भक्ति योग) — denotes the spiritual practice
of fostering bhakti (loving devotion) to a personal form of God that involves devotion,
attachment and love for God. bhakti is a Sanskrit term that signifies an attitude of
devotion to a personal God that is typically based on a number of human relationships
such as beloved-lover, friend-friend, parent-child, and master-servant. The Bhagavad
Gita and Bhagavata Purana are two important scriptures which explain and develop the
attitude of bhakti.
The Bhagavata Purana teaches nine primary forms of bhakti, as explained by Prahlada:
(1) śravaṇa ("listening" to the scriptural stories of K ... Read more »
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