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Time, the steed, runs with seven reins (rays), thousand-eyed,
ageless, rich in seed.
The seers, thinking holy thoughts, mount him; all the worlds are his
With seven wheels does this Time ride, seven naves has he,
immortality is his axle.
He carries hither all these beings. Time, the first god, now hastens
He surely did bring hither all the beings; he surely did encompass
all the worlds.
Being their father, he became their son; there is, verily, no other
force, higher than he.
Time begot yonder heaven; Time also begot these earths.
That which was, and that which shall be, urged forth by Time,
spreads out.
Time created the earth; in Time the sun burns.
In Time are all beings; in Time the eye looks abroad.
In Time mind is fixed; in Time breath is fixed; in Time names are
When Time has arrived, all these creatures rejoice.
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