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Sovereign Secret
The Blessed Lord said:
1. I shall now declare to you, who are endowed with reverence, that profoundest of all
mystic doctrines and the way to its experience, by which you will be free from the baneful
life of Samsara.
2. It is a sovereign science, and a profound mystery. Supremely sanctifying, demonstrable
by experience, and yielding imperishable results, it is also easy to perform and is in
agreement with the moral law.
3. Men without faith in this sacred doctrine (who continue to look upon the body as the
self) fail to attain Me. They remain caught up in Samsara, the eternally recurring cycle of
births and deaths.
4. All this world is pervaded by Me, the Unmanifested Being. All objects subsist in Me, but
not I in them.
5. And yet objects do not abide in Me! Behold My mysterious Divine Power! Source and
support of all objects, and yet not abiding in (i.e.not limited by) t ... Read more »
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Divine Glories
The Blessed Lord said:
1. Hear again, O mighty armed one, My words on the Supreme Truth. Desirous of your
good, I want to declare it to you, who are so beloved of Me.
2. Neither the hosts of gods nor Maharishis (great sages) know my origin, for I am Myself
the origin of all those gods and great sages.
3. He who knows Me as the beginningless, the unborn and the Master of the worlds - he
among mortals becomes undeluded, and he is freed from all sins.
4-5. Intelligence, knowledge, sanity, patience, truth, sense-control, mind-control, pleasure,
pain, birth, death, fear and also fearlessness; non-injury, same-sightednsss, contentment,
austerity, benevolence, fame and obloquy - all these diverse modes of the mind seen in all
beings proceed from Me alone, their ultimate sanctioner.
6. The seven great sages (beginning with Marichi) as also the four earlier ones like Sanaka
and the rest and ... Read more »
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