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Communion Through Meditation
The Blessed Lord said:
1. It is the man who performs his duties without dependence on the fruits that deserves to
be called a Sannyasin (renouncer) and a Yogin, not the one who keeps no fire or avoids
2. O son of Pandu! What is called Sannyasa or renunciation know that to be identical with
Yoga or disciplines of selfless action. For, whoever has not abandoned subtle hankerings
and self-centred objectives, can never become a Yogi, or a practitioner of spiritual
communion through works.
3. For one who desires to ascend the path leading to the heights of spiritual communion
(Yoga), detached work is the means. For one who has ascended it, quiescence is verily the
4. When one ceases to be attached to sense objects and to one's actions, then that one, who
has thus abandoned all subtle hankerings and self-centred objectives, is said to have
ascended the ... Read more »
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Communion Through Knowledge
The Blessed Lord said:
1. Hear now, O son of Pritha, how one resigned to Me and absorbed in love of Me, attains
to full knowledge of Me through the practice of spiritual communion.
2. I shall now declare to you in fullness that Knowledge along with Special Knowledge, (its
higher development), by means of which there will remain nothing more for you to
3. Among thousands of men, there will just be one here or there striving for spiritual
perfection. From among the aspirants so striving, one perchance knows Me in truth.
4. My Nature is divided into eight categories - earth, water, fire, air, sky (ether), mind
(manas), understanding (buddhi), and I-sense (ahamkara).
5. This, O mighty armed, is My lower Nature. Know that, as different from it, is My higher
Nature forming the source of all Jivas and the support of the whole universe.
6. Know that all beings have ... Read more »
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Way to Brahman
Arjuna said:
1. O Supreme Lord! What is Brahman (the Absolute)? What is the Spirit (the Adhyatma)?
What is work (Karma)? And what is that which underlies the material manifestations
(Adhibhuta), and what, the divinities (Adhidaiva)?
2. O Slayer of Madhu! Who is the Adhiyajna (the spirit underlying sacrifices) that resides in
this body, and how does he do so? How should a man of a self-restraint meditate on the
Supreme Being at the time of death?
The Blessed Lord said:
3. Brahman is Akshara, the Immutable Being than whom there is none higher. Brahman's
power manifested in every body as the transmigrating self (the Jiva), is the Adhyatma. The
creative act (identified with sacrificial offering), which brings all beings into existence, is
Karma (work).
4. O noble one! The perishable Nature is the material aspect (Adhibhuta). The cosmic soul
is the basis of all divine manifestati ... Read more »
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