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Renunciation of Action in Knowledge
The Blessed Lord said:
1. I imparted this immortal Yoga to Vivasvan, Vivasvan to Manu, and Manu to Ikshvaku.
2. O scorcher of foes! This Yoga handed down from teacher to disciple in succession, was
known to the Rajarishis (royal sages). But owing to long lapse of time, it was lost to the
3. You are My devotee and friend - thinking thus, I have today declared to you even that
ancient Yoga. For, it is a noble secret (imparted by a teacher only to a worthy disciple).
Arjuna said:
4. Thy life-time is later, that of Vivasvan was much earlier. How then am I to understand
that Thou didst impart this doctrine to him?
The Blessed Lord said:
5. O Arjuna! You and I have passed through many births; I remember them all, but you do
not, O scorcher of foes!
6. Though birthless and deathless, and the Lord of all beings as well, yet I (the Eternal
Being) ta ... Read more »
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Yoga of Renunciation
Arjuna said:
1. O Krishna! Thou praisest in one breath both abandonment of works and communion
through their performance. Now tell me with certainty which of them leads to one's good.
The Blessed Lord said:
2. Both abandonment of works and communion through works lead to liberation. But of
them, communion through work excels abandonment of work.
3. O mighty-armed one! Whoever hates not, nor desires, should be known as one
established in renunciation. Indeed, one who is above such contraries is easily liberated
from bondage.
4. It is only the childish and not the wise that speak of Samkhya (or Knowledge
accompanied by abandonment of work) and Yoga (or communion through detached and
dedicated work) as different. A person well-established in even one of these, attains the
end that is the common goal of both. (That is, in the means they employ, they look
different, but the ... Read more »
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