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Yoga of Knowledge
Sanjaya said:
1. To him who was thus overcome with pity and whose eyes were full of tears and bore a
bewildered look, Shri Krishna spoke as follows:
The Blessed Lord said:
2. O Arjuna! Whence has this loathsome stupidity come upon you in this crisis? It (this
attitude) is unworthy of a noble personage; it is a bar to heaven and a cause of much
3. O Partha! Yield not to unmanliness! It befits thee not. Abandoning this base faint-
heartedness, rise up, O dreaded hero!
Arjuna said:
4. O Krishna! How can I attack Bhishma and Drona in battle with my arrows? They are,
indeed worthy of worship, O destroyer of foes!
5. It is indeed better to live here in this world on a beggar's fare than to prosper by killing
these venerable teachers. The enjoyment of pleasure and power obtained through the
slaughter of these teachers and elders will surely be bloodstained.
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Yoga of Action
Arjuna said:
1. O Janardana, if, according to Thee, discriminative insight is superior to action, why dost
Thou enjoin on me this terrible action (of engagement in war)?
2. By seemingly conflicting words, Thou art confusing my understanding. Speak to me only
about that which will definitely lead to my highest good.
The Blessed Lord said:
3. In times of yore a twofold spiritual path was taught by me, O sinless one - that of
knowledge for Samkhyas (who are pure contemplatives), and that of action for Yogis (who
combine detached work with devotion).
4. By non-performance of action a man does not gain the state of spiritual passivity (or the
state of egoless actionlessness called Naishkarmya). By mere external abandonment
(Samnyasa), he does not attain to perfection.
5. No man can ever remain even for a moment without performing any action. The
impulses of nature deprive him of ... Read more »
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