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9:06 AM
Illustration on Karma....
One can't use the word "pre-destination" or "fate" to substitute with Karma because
they do not mean the same. Karma is not pre-destination. However, karma is the
underlying principle between Pre-destination and Freewill. The Hindu understanding of
karma includes both pre-destination and free will. To understand the implications of
karma, we have to understand the sublime synthesis of pre-destination and free will.
Both aspects exist simultaneously. To conceive of this apparently inconceivable reality,
we have to consider both sides of the law of karma: the point of view of action, and the
point of view of reaction.
The free will is excersized in Kriyamana karma and Agama karma . In terms of prarabha ,
it’s clear that one has no choice about whether to allow prarabha or not, because the
reaction has started, and it is going to have to work itself out. Yet, we are free to
choose what we’ll receive, but what we receive is determined by our past Karma
(prarabha karma - part of the reaction that is coming from all the accumulated actions
of the past). Thus, as far as experience is concerned, one is given a choice to choose
according to their Karma. The choice always has two paths - to face darkness or to turn
towards light. The decision made now (good or bad) determines the future ones and
that will determine the future choices given.
Karma works to develop our ability to handle free will responsibly. Karma operates
impersonally, giving us the opportunity at every moment to become open to greater
levels of love and compassion. The goal is to give us needed experiences so we evolve
into greater levels of awareness and responsibility. All we do at every moment is our
choice. Once we accept total responsibility for who we are, for what we have done or
will do, and for all our choices, life straightens out.
In a nutshell, Karma (good and evil, or whatever) - are actually by-products of our free
will. As we realize this, we come to the point of the exercise. At that moment of
awareness, at the instant we understand our responsibility for our situation, we can let
go of thousands of years of karma, good and bad. Although the laws of karma set up
and predestine the circumstance we are now in, we have free will to decide how to react
in each situation. But having free will doesn't make us "free" and independent. Free will
means that we can choose how to act under the influence of a specific set of
circumstances, positively or negatively; however, we cannot control the results of our
actions which come upon us according to the law of karma which is constantly
awarding us the results or reactions of our previous actions.
We are not restricted to act in a specific manner. We have free will. But with this free
will comes responsibility, because the way we act determines our reactions. Thus we
are free to choose our future, both individually and collectively. Whatever we do creates
a reaction that we must enjoy or suffer. We are constantly receiving the reactions of our
previous actions created using our free will. We are responsible for our happiness and
distress, and the material nature creates the conditions within which we enjoy or suffer.
The ultimate goal is to give us needed experiences so we evolve into greater levels of
awareness and responsibility.
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