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The Cosmic Form
Arjuna said:
1. Thy instructions on the grand Mystery, the highest spiritual Truth, imparted to me out
of Thy abounding grace, have dispelled my delusion.
2. O lotus-eyed One! From Thee I have heard at length about the origin and dissolution of
creatures as also about Thy greatness that knows no decay.
3. Thou art, O Lord Supreme, even as what Thou hast declared Thyself to be. (I understand
and accept it.) Yet I now desire to see that form of Thine as the Lord of all.
4. If, O Lord, Thou thinkest me worthy of experiencing that immutable form of Thine, then
deign to reveal the same to me, O Thou Master of all Yoga!
The Blessed Lord said:
5. Behold, O Partha, My manifold forms in their hundreds and thousands - all divine and all
of varied hues and shapes.
6. Behold the Adityas and the Vasus, the Rudras and the Ashvins, and the Maruts likewise -
behold these marvels unseen by ... Read more »
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Loving Devotion
Arjuna said:
1. There are Thy ever-steadfast devotees who love and worship Thee in the above way (as
the Divine Person); there are again others who contemplate on Thee as the Imperishable
Unmanifest (Impersonal Absolute) - which of these has a greater understanding of Yoga.
The Blessed Lord said:
2. Those I consider as the most perfect in Yoga, who, with their minds fixed intently on Me
in steadfast love, worship Me with absolute faith.
3-4. Those who are devoted to the Imperishable (the Impersonal Absolute) - who is the firm
support of the world and is also undefinable, unmanifested, transcendent, motionless,
eternal and all-pervading, - even they reach Me alone, striving with their senses controlled,
and with mind tranquillised and set on the welfare of all.
5. The obstacles facing those devoted to the Impersonal Absolute are far greater; for the way
of any unclear ideal is diff ... Read more »
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The Knower and The Known
The Blessed Lord said:
1. This body, O son of Kunti, is called the Ksetra, the field (because the fruits of action are
reaped in it). He who knows it (as his property) is the Ksetrajna or the Spirit who knows
the field. So say those versed in this subject.
2. Know Me, O scion of the Bharata race, to be the Ksetrajna (the Spirit) in all Kshetras
(bodies). The knowledge of the distinction between Ksetra and Ksetrajna alone is real
knowledge according to Me.
3. Hear from Me in brief what the Kshetra is, of what nature it is, what its modifications
are, and from what causes what effects have sprung. Also know who the Kshetrajna is and
what his powers are.
4. In many and different ways have the Rishis sung about this subject in metres of varying
description. The well-reasoned and definitive aphorisms of the Brahma-sutras too have
discussed it.
5-6. The five great elemen ... Read more »
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