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Spiritualism has been metaphorically considered to be a form of
intoxication throughout history. As with any metaphor, this
overshadows a large portion of what true spirituality actually entails.
Many famous poets have referenced wine and drunkenness to express
how one feels when in a spiritual state. Shouldn’t one feel beside
oneself when in a state of spiritual wonder? Shouldn’t one feel
intoxicated when they connect to the divine?
I remember volunteering for a group of students visiting the Shrine of
Imam Musa bin Rida (a). The students traveled from the United
Kingdom all the way to the Middle East in order to visit this shrine.
They were typical young English Muslims, using weird British slang
(which took some time to get used to). Since they did not fit into the
“ultra-religious/spiritual” box, I wondered what effect visiting the
shrine would have on them.
The students put their head ... Read more »
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