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Do you ever feel like you know you are doing things that aren't what you are supposed to be doing, yet continue to act daily in the repeat these same habits? It is never too late to change, and it is never too late to get out of your own way so that you dont continue to block the light. There is nothing in our way to our destinies except if we get in our own way. Getting out of your own way may mean that you take an active role in changing your everyday habits. Getting out of your own way may mean that you get away from the people in life that are doing nothing to bring you up, but only take your valuable time away to bring you down. Quit getting in your own way, and start making the right decisions each day in order not to.
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Becoming a dreamer is huge, and it seems as though when people grow up after childhood they lose much of their creativity and imagination that allows for them to dream. A dreamer is someone who is able to visualize and create dreams while they are awake so that eventually they will be able to act. One thing about this world is that though it is full of those who are able to formulate dreams during times that they are awake, there are only a certain few who are special enough, and bold enough to follow the dreams that are given to them by their hearts. To be a success, you not only have to be able to dream, but you must be willing to go forth towards your dreams as well, never letting any obstacle that life is willing to put in your path stop you from being where you want to be and accomplishing the dreams you have in your heart.
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In life though it is very important for us to be able to dream, it is also important to note that the dreams we have will not work unless we are willing to work towards them as well. Without starting an engine and actually going from point to point, having a car is actually pretty useless. This is also true with the dreams we have and what we are able to do with them. We must be willing to not only dream and be imaginative, but we must also be willing to go courageously in the direction of our dreams. We have to be willing to give ourselves a chance to live out the life we conceived we might possibly be able to live in the future. Commit to acting on your dreams, and the more that you are willing to commit, the more near our dreams will become to us.
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